“Salida” means “a way out”. It is a song about the surrender that comes after trying to break free from the darkest of places, of endless frustration and sadness. The lyrics allude, but never tell. —> Salida Lyrics & Translation

“Urgencia”, or “urgency”, tells of the desperation a heart feels when it is swept away by romance, but risks all for fear of not having another chance at love. —> Urgencia Lyrics & Translation

Recorded at House of Soul, Brooklyn, NY
Produced by Victor Axelrod & Giancarlo Luiggi
Music by Marlysse Simmons & Rei Alvarez

Marlysse Simmons / organ
Rei Alvarez / voice and drum set
Laura Ann Singh / voice
Bryan Vargas / guitar
Cameron Ralston / bass
Hector “Coco” Barez / perucssion