Sylvia Rexach

San Juan, Puerto Rico
January 22, 1921 - October 20, 1961

Innovative and iconic. Fiercely independent. A woman ahead of her time. Puerto Rican composer and songwriter Sylvia Rexach led a short but intense life. Although she enjoyed her first successes as a bolero composer while still a teenager, she belongs to that category of musicians whose legacy is more appreciated after their death than during their lifetime.  Read Full Liner Notes Here..

Biography at La Fundación Nacional para la Cultura Popular

Sylvia Rexach: Siempre Viva

Article by Virianai Rodríguez Santaliz, author of the biography on Sylvia Rexach.

Museo Sylvia Rexach (Coming Soon)

A new museum dedicated to the legacy of Sylvia Rexach and other female composers of Puerto Rico is coming soon to the neighborhood of Santurce in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  The effort is being lead by Sylvia's daughter, actress/singer Sharon Riley. They are established as a non-profit and currently accepting donations.  Please help by following their facebook page.

TV Documentary From the 80's